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About us

Non-standard equipment factory ELGARD was founded in 2001 having a core business in research and development as well as design and engineering according to the customers' requirements specification.

In 2005, tool-making facilities for die and mold making were established.

In 2008, based on in-house facilities, the enterprise launched the production of sheet metal machinery: road signs making machines and barbed wire automatic lines.
In 2011, the enterprise retrofitted its machine train, purchased automated machining centers and implemented Quality Management System ISO 9001. All this resulted in shorter 
equipment production time together with its lower cost. 
Currently, the equipment assortment produced at our factory counts more than 25 units and represents both manually-operated machines and CNC-controlled automated lines. Electroerosion metalworking machines as well as metal electropolishing 
systems are ready to pre-production tests.

Design Engineering Department

Core competencies:

1. Research and development with nonstandard equipment output;

2. Development of engineering prototypes;

3. Bringing research-development and design-engineering projects to a serial production stage;

4. Elaborating recommendations in production engineering and process control;

5. Elaborating process-oriented sections of projects for retrofitting production areas and workshops;

6. Process-oriented computational and analytical work.

Any manufacturing company may need equipment which cannot be mass-produced. A non-standard equipment is often designed for own-developedspecified industrial processes. Application of non-standard equipment enables companies to make operating procedures automated, improve the output quality which will ultimately result in profit growth.

Normally, the non-standard equipment is produced according to the following two schemes:

Manufacturing of non-standard equipment

In this case, the Customer submits us design documentation and equipment specifications. Then our specialists will estimate the work costs andorder schedule. The Customer attends the job acceptance and inspection of all assemblies operation. Warning! Please, be aware that our specialistsmay offer design improvements to your equipment. As our priority is high output quality, and our employees have a wealth of experience in the equipment design, their recommendations and comments will always be beneficial to the User of our products.


Design and production of non-standard equipment

When you need a non-standard equipment and you are aware of operating procedures to be performed by such equipment at your site, you should contact us for design and production of such equipment!

Our specialists will design non-standard equipment that suits your individual tasks! Advanced control automation (CNC) ensures controlled operation of all non-standard equipment designed and manufactured at our factory. This type of equipment provides for programmable operations that allow to reconfigure the equipment for different products in a few minutes. This also enables us to achieve high quality of products, lower power costs and reduced number of operators.

Non-standard equipment designed by our Engineering Department will always meet all the Customer's requirements: climatic conditions, usage rate, performance, etc.

A cycle of factory tests is mandatory for all our non-standard equipment. Upon request, the Customer may attend the factory tests.

At the stage of the equipment handover, our technicians will perform commissioning of the non-standard equipment and personnel training.

The equipment is provided with a Technical Data Sheet, Operating Manual and a Warranty!

We would be happy to welcome you as our regular customers!

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